Official Walkthough
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Welcome to the only game on the internet where you can raise, train, show and breed your very own virtual dogs with the biggest online genetics database ever! We have over nine hundred thousand genetic variations and counting. This walkthrough will help you become familiar with the game and how things work.

Important Things to Know

  • Dogs age two game months every one real life day.
  • Regular members are limited to fifteen dogs and three litters per female dog. Upgraded members are limited to fifty dogs (max) and five litters per female dog.
  • Smaller dogs live longer then larger dogs. Smaller dogs have smaller litters then larger dogs.
  • Dogs must be six months (6m) or older to show. Some dogs are not cut out for the show dog life and you will be able to see that pretty quickly once you start showing them. With these dogs you will be better off breeding them or just keeping them around for companionship.
  • Dogs must be two years (2y) or older to breed. Dogs stop breeding at eight years (8y) and older.
  • Dogs are pregnant for three days before the puppies are born. Puppies always stay with the female dog, even if you request a breeding.
  • Dogs can breed purebreds and cross breeds. Cross breeds can be bred back into purebreds over time, this will help you breed out undesirable traits. Purebreds can register in any club except the UKI. Cross breeds can only register in the UKI.
  • A dog must have a handler, health, energy, be up to date on its shots, in a boarding kennel (not the Animal Shelter) and not be pregnant in order to show. Dogs can only enter one show a day.
  • The game bank does not award a weekly allowance. All money you make must come from shows or by other means. Shows cost $100 sim creds to enter.
  • Shows run every day at 12 NOON EST.
  • Your dog will earn more points from placing high in a show and loose points from being disqualified in a show (DQ).
  • Some judges place dogs higher or lower according to their judging standards. Its always a good thing to check a judge out before entering one of their shows.
  • If a dog disappears from your account and it was not for sale then check the shelter. If its not at the shelter then check your mail.
  • You have seven days to decide to keep or sell puppies from your dogs litters. If you do not, then by the end of the seventh day they will go to the shelter.
  • Dogs that aren't taken care of will be returned to the shelter for other members to adopt, so you must make sure you take care of all your dogs. If you're going away on vacation talk to the kennel owner and see if they will take care of your dog for you.
  • This game can be either easy or hard. The hardest part of the game is breeding, and those who are up to the challenge, can try to tackle how breeding works in order to make the perfect dog or even create their own new breed.

Common Acronyms

AKC — American Kennel Club

ANKC — Australian National Kennel Council

BB — Best of Breed (had highest score excluding penalties)

DL — Dog Limit

DOB — Date of Birth

DQ — Disqualified

FS — For Sale

IKC — International Kennel Club

LL — Litter Limit

PB — Purebred Dog

PL — Placed in a Show (4th - 10th)

RC — Reserve Champion (2nd place)

SC — Show Champion (1st place) or Scratched from a Show

SDN — Simulated Dog Network

TBI — Top Breeds Index

UC — Upcoming Contender (3rd place)

UKC — Universal Kennel Club

UKI — Universal Kennel Club International

WKC — World Kennel Club

WWKC — World Wide Kennel Club

X-Breed — Not a Purebred

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