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Basic Boarder

HollyNewfixed.jpg . picture by holly111094

Last Signed On: 9th February 2015HollyNewHeaderTheKennel.jpg . picture by holly111094

Welcome, to my kennel. Here I bred Golden Retrievers. In 2005, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10 and 2011, we were known for our quality Goldies who could not be beaten. I began playing SDN in 2004/05. Our Nursery (Click to Visit) is not being used at the moment. Here I'm proud to have been the longest lasting breeder of the highest quality Golden Retrievers.


HollyNewHeaderUpdates.jpg . picture by holly111094

~I'm extremely busy with all of my other committments; unfortunately, I can't fit in continuing my lines on SDN. As much as I wish I could, I honestly don't have time. I plan to check the boards and my mail every now and then so you will definitely still be able to keep in contact with me though I wont respond immediately.

~Judges Favourite: 1394

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None currently  
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Planned Breedings
Expecting Litters:
Current Litters:
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HollyNewHeaderrules.jpg . picture by holly111094
Please follow my rules as common coutesy.
  • Please keep my tag: holly11 or holly. I breed my dogs so my tag should remain in their names.
  • You may change the dogs names and pictures, but just keep my tag.
  • If I find one of your dogs in the shelter I may or may not choose to keep it. It will most likely depend on whether I have already coodinated this dog into my breeding program or even that this dog will possibly be in my breeding program.
  • I do not disclose my breeding program or dogs that I intend to breed unless they are advertised here on my layout as being bred. 
  • Do not irresponsibly breed my dogs or any other Golden Retrievers-if you ever need help with a match, let me know!
  • If you find one of my dogs in the shelter, please let me know as I do not do it intentionally. I never send dogs to the shelter and believe that they should not be sent to the shelter by anyone.
  • Do not steal my graphics. They are all made by me. If I find that anyone has stolen my graphics, I will have it removed immediately and will definitely inform the SDN community of your breach.
Please be respectful to me, and I'll be respectful to you.


HollyNewHeadergroomstore.jpg . picture by holly111094

  • Grooming by holly111094- Open for a long time, would love business!
  • My Store, Hollywood Items- quality and inexpensive items!


HollyNewHeaderboardkennel.jpg . picture by holly111094

  • My boarding kennel, Hollywood Kennels, is very inexpensive and quality. Please CLOSE all font tags and keep up to date in payments or you will be kicked out.

HollyNewHeadervet.jpg . picture by holly111094

  • Vet. No longer of service.


HollyNewHeadergraphics.jpg . picture by holly111094

  • Graphics by holly11 is not currently open for business.

HollyNewHeaderpastdogs.jpg . picture by holly111094

My layout was deleted and all my recorded past dogs were wiped off of here. Farewell to all the dogs who have passed through my kennel. May they rest in peace holly11 dogs of 2004, '05,'06,'07,'08,'09,'10, '11.


HollyNewHeadercontact.jpg . picture by holly111094

Feel free to contact me whenever. I love to chat and respond to messages when I check simdog!

Thanks for visiting!






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