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holly111094s Nursery(#22458) | Sim Creds: $0 | Today's Date: 2/18/2019



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They don't have any dogs!

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holly11's Nursery

Welcome, to holly111094s Nursery. Here we keep our Golden Retriever puppies from our main kennel, holly111094(#9525). At holly111094s Nursery we keep our pregnant females (who return to our main kennel shortly after the pups have been taken out of their litter) and their pups. At Adolescence, the pups go back to our main kennel.


~Nothing! Check out my main kennel, holly111094.



None right now



You MUST keep holly11's somewhere in name otherwise you'll never buy from us again. I know it sounds harsh but that's just the way I and many other members do things.



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Thanks For Visiting, If you have any questions or comments please mail us here or on our main account (which is checked more often) holly111094 #9525.
















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