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Vanna(#7696) | Sim Creds: $8,511 | Today's Date: 2/18/2019



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Basic Boarder

I am currently going to be breeding correctly colored and patterned American Pit Bull Terriers (Brindles/No Patts/White Undersides).


Our Standard

Ears: Short

Eyes: Brown

Teeth: Good

Nose: Short

Coat Color: Black, Tan, Fawn, Grey, Blue

Coat Pattern: No Pattern, White Undersides, Piebald

Coat Length: Short

Height: Medium

Weight: Normal Weight (30-60lbs)

Tail: Medium

Behavior: Attentive (preferred, but anything besides aggression is permisable)


Right now our biggest problem with the breed would be eyes. Nearly all of the APBT's have blue eyes, and we will be working dilligently to change that. We also must work on the size, as a true gamey APBT should weigh no more than 60lbs and nearly all the APBT's weigh well over 100lbs.


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