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Basic Boarder

Welcome to Aeolus Kennels. This is the Rescue Kennel, or in other words, our kennel open to all breeds. These dogs are show dogs, and rarely bred. If there is a dog that you can no longer care for or cannot sell there is a chance that we will take it, so do not be afraid to ask. 

Puppies: Puppies are rare here, but they are always sold for reasonable prices, that are also negotiable. Prices generally range from $100-$250 currently. 
Adults: I rarely sell adult dogs, as I've generally kept them for a reason. If they are for sale, it usually means that I either have no room in my kennel, or they do not fit into my lines anymore. 
Elders: Dogs that are 10+ years old. These dogs are normally retired show dogs that I just can't care for anymore. I rarely do sell them, especially if they are good in show. 

My sales are first come first serve. Only in certain litters or for adults may I have a dog sold through your personal request/message to me. If that is the case, it will be posted here. Those dogs will also have "Adopt Me" or "Sale" in the tag. 

Currently For Sale

Stud prices from my males here vary on the dog itself. If you request a breeding, I will very likely accept, although I do request that I get a choice of a puppy before you sell or keep them. I do not do requested breedings from my females, unless in very rare cases, so don't be afraid to ask, just don't expect an automatic yes. If that is the case, I expect that I get first pick from the litter. 


Sharkbait x Squirrel
Levi x Lianna

Tags: My tag is Aeolus. I request that this not removed from any of my dogs that you may buy from me. I may add a tag to a tagged dog that I've gotten from the shelter, but will not remove it.
Purchases: When a puppy is bought from me, I expect that it will be cared for. I do not care if you breed from them and put your tags on their puppies, that is up to you. I hope that if the dog bought from me is show quality, that it will be showed, but I cannot conrtol that. However, if I see a dog in the shleter that I have sold, that is not picked up in a few days, I may take it back.
Shelter: I never purposely let my dogs go to the shelter, so if you pick one up from there, I would appreciate it if you let me know they are there, although I usually will have noticed. Unsold puppies unfortunately do end up in the shelter, and feel free to adopt them. Just please do not remove the tag. 
Buy-Back: If you purchase a dog or puppy from me, and realize that you no longer wish to keep it or cannot keep it within a reasonable time, I will be happy to buy it back. Just let me know.
Spay/Neuter: I don't do this to my puppies unless they are poor enough quality that I don't want them contributing to the breed, as harsh as it sounds. For example, they may be of show quality, but not breeding quality. 

My German Shepherds (AeolusAce)

My Border Collies (Aeolus Borders)

My Great Danes


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