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Wolfs-Spare(#40162) | Sim Creds: $18,788 | Today's Date: 2/18/2019



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They don't have any dogs!

Basic Boarder

Note: This is a basic account, however I once upgraded it, my dog limit is still at 50.


This is a designated account reserved only for blank gene dogs produced from my lines as well as other members whos dogs have had the same problem. These dogs are only used for show, all winnings from shows I'd like to put out for raffle winnings, and for holiday give aways!

If you have dogs with blank genes and dont want to keep them, but dont want them going to a shelter either, drop me a messege and put them up for 100. People donating dogs will automatically be placed into any and all raffles/giveaways as long as they are still active. 

Raffle Entries:

Old Shelter Dogs



Older Dogs Only

Infinity BCs

Catcha Dream Kennels

If the site gets busier I may be willing to do weighted raffles, where the more accounts you register/more dogs you donate, the higher your odds of winning are, if you so choose. Again this will only be when/if the site gets busier.

Happy woofing!


Pet's name: Fox
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