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They don't have any dogs!

Upgraded Kennel Owner
Untitled Journal: None

Welcome to Rivendell Kennels!

"Rivendell" must be kept in the name of all dogs adopted from here!

My main, and mostly only, thing on Sim Dogs is my affordable kennel, vet and groomer. I am not really active in playing, but log on to keep my serves' up and running!

Reservation Post - Closed Forever

All my males are open to breedings to the public! Just message me after you request a breeding to a male =)

Hello, I am Raven!

Special Dog - June 9, 2007
Though I'm not sure if I'll stick with Sim Dogs, since things always seem to go wrong...I decided to give it a go again, this time with Rivendell's Lucky Number 7, he is a game created (no parents) dog with the ID #70000!

Changed again...
I have decided to give a go with Anatolian Shepherds, I like them in real life and no one owned any on SimDogs...they were all shelter dogs. First I'm getting a good set of genetics, then showing those dogs.

About me:
I started playing August 20th, 2005 (The first day SimDog was open to the public)
I moved to this account (#39) on May 26, 2006
I am a 21-year-old, female

My Services (cheapest avaliable!):
Boarding Kennel
Vet Clinic

Rivendell Retirement Kennel(#41):
Retired Dogs
Boarding Kennel

As of June 1st, 2006
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