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Sportychick26(#35731) | Sim Creds: $11,435 | Today's Date: 6/23/2018



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Shock Wave Along for the Ride, 8y 4m Female Irish Setter

Shock Wave Catch Me if You Can, 8y 6m Male Irish Setter

Shock Wave Closer to Me, 8y 8m Male Irish Setter

Shock Wave Flight Risk, 8y 6m Male Irish Setter

Shock Wave Go Getter, 7y 6m Female Irish Setter

Shock Wave Guns and Roses, 2y 8m Male Irish Setter

Shock Wave My Sweet Angel, 6y 0m Female Irish Setter

Shock Wave Rain on Me, 2y 8m Male Irish Setter

Shock Wave Red Dirt Road, 9y 6m Male Irish Setter

Shock Wave Southern Belle, 2y 8m Female Irish Setter

Shock Wave Take on Me, 6y 4m Female Irish Setter


Basic Boarder

Welcome to Shock Wave Kennels. Here we breed the Irish Setter. I have always liked the Irish Setter and wanted to breed them very bad. When Jade gets the trainers going I will first be training my Irish Setters for hunting. After awhile I will then be training some of them for showing. If you have any questions at all PM me.

January 5th: Hey guys! I have moved my line of Irish Setters over to this account. This is the permanent account for the Irish Setters.  


Ears: Medium (Hunting), Large (Showing)
Eyes: Brown
Teeth: Good
Nose: Medium
Elbows & Hips: Excellent
Coat Color: Red
Coat Pattern: No Pattern
Coat Length: Medium (Hunting), Large (Showing)
Tail: Medium
Height: Medium
Weight: Normal
Behavior: Any Positive



Upcoming Litters


Future Breedings

Come A Little Closer X Once Upon A Time

-Keep my Tag (I will be keeping a good eye on all puppies that I sell, If you don't keep my tag I won't sell a puppy to you again. I will give you one warning). I also keep other people's tags so no one has to worry about me taking them off. I will even keep them on if I got them from the shelter.

-Don't let one of my puppies go to the shelter (I will buy a puppy/dog back if you don't want it anymore or just don't breed them.)

-Don't alter a puppy and then let it go to the shelter (I worked hard on breeding them. I don't care if you alter them but if you let them go to the shelter it does bother me. If I see that you won't get a puppy again.)

-Don't buy a puppy from me then sell it for a higher price. If I see that I will buy the puppy and not sell one to you again.

-Please be kind. I don't like people who get all sassy at me and back talk. If I have a dog of yours and you want it back polietly ask me. If you will politley ask me then I will give it back. If you don't ask poliety chances are I will keep the dog and ignore you.



All About Me - 2 Qualities - 2 Faults - 58 Genetics - Light Tan Slightly Spotted - 1st Generation - Shelter Bought

Goodbye Forever - 2 Qualities - 2 Faults - 62 Genetics - Brown Ticked - 1st Generation - Shelter Bought

Otherside Of Me - 2 Qualities - 1 Fault - 62 Genetics - Red No Pattern - 2nd Generation - Long Way Home X Goodbye Forever

Once Upon A Time - 2 Qualities - 2 Faults - 55 Genetics - Red No Pattern - 2nd Generation - All About Me X Spliced Dog




Long Way Home - 2 Qualities - 0 Faults - 72 Genetics - Dark Liver Slightly Bi-Colored - 1st Generation - Shelter Bought

Come A Little Closer - 2 Qualities - 2 Faults - 48 Genetics - Liver Bi-Colored - 2nd Generation - Long Way Home X Goodbye Forever



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Show Champion:

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Reserve Champion:

Upcoming Contender:





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