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They don't have any dogs!

Basic Boarder

Welcome to Shock Wave Kennels. Here we breed the Irish Setter. I have always liked the Irish Setter and wanted to breed them very bad. When Jade gets the trainers going I will first be training my Irish Setters for hunting. After awhile I will then be training some of them for showing. If you have any questions at all PM me.

January 5th: Hey guys! I have moved my line of Irish Setters over to this account. This is the permanent account for the Irish Setters.  


Ears: Medium (Hunting), Large (Showing)
Eyes: Brown
Teeth: Good
Nose: Medium
Elbows & Hips: Excellent
Coat Color: Red
Coat Pattern: No Pattern
Coat Length: Medium (Hunting), Large (Showing)
Tail: Medium
Height: Medium
Weight: Normal
Behavior: Any Positive



Upcoming Litters


Future Breedings

Come A Little Closer X Once Upon A Time

-Keep my Tag (I will be keeping a good eye on all puppies that I sell, If you don't keep my tag I won't sell a puppy to you again. I will give you one warning). I also keep other people's tags so no one has to worry about me taking them off. I will even keep them on if I got them from the shelter.

-Don't let one of my puppies go to the shelter (I will buy a puppy/dog back if you don't want it anymore or just don't breed them.)

-Don't alter a puppy and then let it go to the shelter (I worked hard on breeding them. I don't care if you alter them but if you let them go to the shelter it does bother me. If I see that you won't get a puppy again.)

-Don't buy a puppy from me then sell it for a higher price. If I see that I will buy the puppy and not sell one to you again.

-Please be kind. I don't like people who get all sassy at me and back talk. If I have a dog of yours and you want it back polietly ask me. If you will politley ask me then I will give it back. If you don't ask poliety chances are I will keep the dog and ignore you.



All About Me - 2 Qualities - 2 Faults - 58 Genetics - Light Tan Slightly Spotted - 1st Generation - Shelter Bought

Goodbye Forever - 2 Qualities - 2 Faults - 62 Genetics - Brown Ticked - 1st Generation - Shelter Bought

Otherside Of Me - 2 Qualities - 1 Fault - 62 Genetics - Red No Pattern - 2nd Generation - Long Way Home X Goodbye Forever

Once Upon A Time - 2 Qualities - 2 Faults - 55 Genetics - Red No Pattern - 2nd Generation - All About Me X Spliced Dog




Long Way Home - 2 Qualities - 0 Faults - 72 Genetics - Dark Liver Slightly Bi-Colored - 1st Generation - Shelter Bought

Come A Little Closer - 2 Qualities - 2 Faults - 48 Genetics - Liver Bi-Colored - 2nd Generation - Long Way Home X Goodbye Forever



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