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Basic Boarder

Welcome to Killebrew Kennels

Here at Killebrew Kennels we breed any type of hunting dog. Right now we breeding Golden Retrievers. Our kennel is private for now because I would like to perfect the breed before selling. If you have any questions at all PM me. 

News & Events

June 2nd 2018: As you can see I’m back up again.  I’ve been trying to get back into the swing of things for awhile but just haven’t been able to.  I’m hoping to stick around for a little bit.  I’m currently breeding English Bulldogs. I’m getting them started and then will probably transfer them over to a different account and start breeding a type of hunting dog again. if you have any questions let me know.


Store-I have a store called Only for $1. It has a lot of good and valuable things. I update it everyday so it will never run out. Everything is for $1.

Website-If you want a website PM me.

Pictures for Dogs-I'm making pictures with dogs names on them. They are $25 per picture. If you want me to make you some PM me or fill out the application form on my website.


Judges Favorite Owner: 9

Registered Dogs: 2 (Be Yourself and See You Again)

Show Champion: 5

Best of Breed: 5

Golden Retriever Standard

Ears: Medium

Eyes: Brown or Golden 

Teeth: Good

Nose: Medium

Elbows & Hips: Good-Excellent

Coat Color: Golden

Coat Pattern: No Pattern

Coat Length: Medium

Tail: Medium

Height: Medium

Weight: Normal

Behavior: Any Positive


-Keep my Tag. I will be keeping a very good eye on all the puppies that I sell. If I see that you have taken the tag out I will send you message and hope you respect it and put my tag back in the puppy. If you don't I will not sell you a puppy again.

-Don't let one of my puppies go to the shelter. I would glady take a puppy back no questions asked.

-Don't alter a puppy and then let it go to the shelter. I worked hard on breeding that puppy. Again I will take back a puppy.

-Don't buy a puppy from me then sell it for a higher price. If I see that I will buy the puppy and not sell one to you again.

-Please be kind. I don't like people who get all sassy at me and back talk. If I have a dog of yours and you want it back polietly ask me. If you will politley ask me then I will give it back. If you don't ask poliety chances are I will keep the dog and ignore you.


Bases: $300

Meets Standards

0-6: +$25

7-12: +50


Lower than 50: -50

51-60: +50

61-70: +100

71-80: +150

81-90: +200

Qualities & Faults

1 Qualitiy: -25

0 Qualities: -50

1 Fault: +25

0 Faults: +50


1. Me: First Pick



Upcoming Litters

I Need You X Talking Body

Love Don't Die X Wasted Space

Future Breedings



All of my puppies that I sell will have updated shots, a handler and in a full care boarding kennel for 2 weeks.


Bleeding Love - 2 Qualities - 2 Faults - 40 Genetics - Grey Piebald Spotted - 1st Generation - Shelter Bought

Keep Moving Forward - 2 Qualities - 1 Fault - 61 Genetics - Fawn Harlequin - 1st Generation - Shelter Bought

Queen of Hearts - 2 Qualities - 1 Fault - 45 Genetics - Grey No Pattern - 2nd Generation - Bleeding Love X Set On Fire

Southern Belle - 2 Qualities - 2 Faults - 50 Genetics - Golden No Pattern - 2nd Generation - Keep Moving Forward X Spliced Dog


I Don't Dance - 2 Qualities - 2 Faults - 70 Genetics - Light Golden Brown Boxer Markings - 1st Generation - Shelter Bought 

Set On Fire - 2 Qualities - 2 Faults - 59 Genetics - Dark Brown Slightly Brindle - 1st Generation - Shelter Bought

A Hundred Miles - 2 Qualities - 2 Faults - 46 Genetics - Grey Brindle - 2nd Generation - Bleeding Love X Set On Fire


PitaPata - (5Qnd)

^These Stamps were made by Dijji not me.


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