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Hello all! Welcome to my kennel. I have multiple accounts but every one of my lines starts here.

I like to breed dogs to be healthy, versitile and to represent the many colors and patterns that may not be recognized by most stadards. I also like to add my own little quirks to the breeds, such as different eye colors. I also do a lot of off standard dogs because, though there quality should speak for itself, if anyone wants to buy a puppy from me and breed it into ther own lines, I want them to work for it! 

I love many breeds, so many in fact that I have a hard time deciding on what to work with here on SDN! I have quite literally put all the breeds I liked onto a raffle system and randomly pull a new breed when I want to add another line.

All the dogs here will be given a [Wolfs] regardless on wheather I'd like to keep them or not.

I have been a busy body with work and life, so I havent been as active as I'd like but i'm coming back. As some older members may have noticed I dont have as many dogs right now as I used to. I have decided to take it one breed at a time and when the line is manageable I will add another one and cut down on the size of each line as I go.

I'm currently working on Bernese Mountain dogs, such an easy standard breed to start off with while I'm getting back into the swing of things! 

Currently I'm working on Berners here. 


Ear: Medium

Eyes: Green*

Teeth: Good*

Nose: Large

Elbows & Hips: Excellent*

Coat Color: Black

Coat Pattern: Tri-Color

Coat Length: Large

Tail: Large

Height: Large

Weight: Normal*

Behavior: Attentive, Easy going, Laid back, Energetic*

* These standards are for every breed I work with. this is either for health or just me being quirky

To be listed when lines are established

Breed Our Lines Average Lifespan (Y/M)

- I will take back any dog you buy from me, no questions asked.

- I will return a dog to you if I pick it up from the shelter. I request though a breeding if it is male, or a puppy from one of your breedings if it is female.

- I will treat you all with the same respect I would wish to recieve.

- I will price dogs fairly based on their quality.

- I will strive to have effective breedings to maintain and improve the quality of my dogs.

- I will respect other breeders and rescues tags. I may add my tag for a dog to share, but only if a dog from my line shows up in the pedigree.

- Please be respectful. If its not something you would be comfortable saying face to face with someone, dont say it.

- Please leave my tag in the dogs name. I like to track them sometimes. It's also just polite

I am currently not selling any dogs. I'll work out pricing as I get closer to the time when I will open my lines to the public.

I manage the IKC. If you would like to register a dog please feel free to submit them and drop me a messege so I know to add them in. I would like to get shows going so please register! I mainly make shows for elder dogs, since they just grow up so fast and all!

So I like the dogs names to have a lot of inforation on them so I can just look and know what I'm working with very quickly. 

I will often have Alphas and Betas labled, they are just to represent the breeding rank and priority. Alphas being the most important breeding pair and betas being the supporting pair. I will do this once my lines get a little bit smaller.

For now heres how my name tags work

Alpha, Beta or nothing for breeding importance

[Breeders tag]+Show class+Show wins

  Dogs name

 Standard traits (0-24, based on genes)


Birth Gene score+Adult Gene score

If I get requested to do something I will list it here so I dont forget!

I would love to start a series of raffles! Once a month sound good? If you are interested in entering please just let me know! I wont run any till theres at least 3 people in it, the more people there are, the higher the prize! No duplicate accounts please, if I find you trying to do that I will pull you out completely for a while then put one of your accounts back in.. eventually. 

When I first started out I was just a little rescue, I'd like to get that back up and going again sometime soon! When I get it up I'll post a link here.

- Layouts/Banners/Headers - Lets agree on a price over PM, Just let me know the breed, any text and it would help if you had color or theme ideas too, otherwise I'm going to do what ever looks cool to me. [CLOSED FOR NOW]

- Go Fetch - Need to find a certain dog but dont have the time? Let me know the breed, sex, and the traits you want and traits you want to avoid, every trait that matches what you want will make the dog cost more in the end, but make sure to let me know your price range, I will still be happy to give a good honest look around for you

Pet's name: Toby 
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