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Untitled Journal

  Author: Animal Shelter
Published: 5.7.2013
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I "Hate" The AKC

I suppose I dont full on "Hate" it, but it is on my radar for not being a good thing really. Heres why:

1. Their "Standards" are flawed. This is most noticable in GSDs, where their hipsdip down far lower than they should, thourough studies have been done on their hips and movement overall, my dears, the "standard" GSD is rather unstable in their hind legs, it leads the dogs to be more susueptable to hip related injuries or disabilities. These kinds of GSDs can be found just about everywhere though, so its more like the breed needs to go back to having a regular back, like working bred GSDs. Another huge peeve of mine is the "standard" Labrador. In shows, they look obese. I refer to them as barrels since their bodies are so thick in proportion to, well everything. And yes I know there are basica types of lab "build" but I dont think the origina lab was like that so much. Just a hunch.

2. Their standards are incredibly limited. How oftem do you see an Aussy with a full tail in show? Or any Dalmatian color aside from black? How about Schiperkes of different colors? And BCs? The list can go on. And the standards are so nit picky that no one really knows much about the potential colors and markings in breeds in the US. Like we all think of Dals as white dogs with black spots, sometimes liver or lemon as well. But Dals can have Brindle marks in their spots, as well as having multi colored spots and all sorts of fun stuff! In fact, they can even come in a long coated variety! Some well bred lines of English Mastiffs have also come out Pied. Schipps can come in not only black, but cream, chocolate, apricot, and I hear tale of black an tans in Europe. By having limited varieties alowed in the AKC, they are kind of shooting themselves in the foot, since so many AKC registered dogs are inbred to some extent as it is, by only having a small variation, that significantly decreases the potential gene pool nessisary for a healthy population.

3. There is way too much inbreeding, and its tolerated! I recall a Scotty that was 12 generations inbred. Now I have friends that breed Mini Dachsies and they had the first breeding pair, and kept on of their daughters, now they usually do a good job at keeping the father and daughter apart when shes in heat, but they had an accident. This resulted in a litter of 6, one was still born though, the runt passed away as well after, and one pup also had some kind of brain defect and only lives a few days as well. The three that survived all had weird little kinks in their tails. Now this was from 1 generation of inbreeding. Half the puppies died. Now, imagine the 12 generations from that one Scotty I mentioned. Isnt that insane? Also this Scotty, turns out, is right at the top of the Scotty list in the AKC. This just shows that breeders can in breed as much as they flipping want to! There really should be regulations for breedings, or at least better ones! Some breeders in fact dont give it a second thought! One Papillon breeder refers to breeding as an art, I was okay with this, until she openly stated that to get her prized female Papi, she bred one of her bitches to its own father, this was just a mild example, I dont know the full pedigree of every one of her dogs, but really? There are enough representatives of every registered AKC breed that there should be no real reason to inbreed the dogs.

4. Ignorance is not bliss here. I cant even start on the ignorance of so many AKC breeders. From what I've gathered from many at shows, talking to breeders and breed specific groups, heres what I've gathered to be a mindset of a disturbingly large chunk (from those I've had contact with) 1) If its not in the AKC standard, it doesnt exist. 2) All other Kennel Clubs are a joke. 3) If someone is breeding for a differnt trait than the AKC standard, they must be without a doubt a puppy mill, backyard breeder, idiot that doesnt know anything about dogs, or something similar. I find it appauling. One Schipp breeder actually said that anyone that doesnt breed for black in Schipps, is breeding Junk. Junk. They called all other Schipps that arent black Junk. In Australia and Europe, the accepted colors are black, chocolate, apricot, cream and blue. Shouldnt the standard be based on what their standard is in their country of origin? 


So thats what comes to mind at the top of my head.. its alost midnight here and I'm tired so theirs probably more buut ill add that another day.. 

Anyay, if there was an ideal Kennel Club to me.. heres what it'd be like

  • Allow as many coat variations that show up in pure breds (Like GSD can come in a huge variety of saddle colors as well as solid)
  • Best Suit Standards. If you have a lab, it should be capable of preforming in hunting, retrieving a dock ritals effectively. GSDs should be able to herd as well without so much risk to their joints. Breed the breed for its purpose! Not its appearence!
  • Allow for chances for new breeds to be established and promoted, if standard and breed plan is proberly outlined by the founder of the breed. Like Tamaskans were bred simply to look wolfish to bring profit to the founder, foundation dogs were not screened and pedigrees are absent or forged, this is not an acceptable reason to start a breed. The Alaskan Noble Companion Dog was founded to look Wolfish, but retain a standard of health and to be an overall versatile dog (to the caliber of GSDs, Goldens and Labs) foundation stoc all came from reputable breeders ove publicly listed breeds and all foundation dogs screened. This would be an acceptable proposal for founding a new breed. 
  • Breed for health first. Sdly this would mean that the English bulldog would be changed since from a biological stand point, the poor dears cant really breed by themselves consistantly (Assistedn breeding and C-Sections are common) But the breed would revert to how it was before they became the ultimate pillow pet that they are today.
  • Have local breeding registries to help ensure that inbreeding will be minimized if the offspring will be registered in said club. 
  • Have the Club be less posh. Work willingly with other clubs to better tha breed, thats what clubs are for! To help better the breed! Not screw it up! Shows should not only have conformation but also small tasks (Simple mini versions of  the dog sports that would fit with the breed like Dock Jumping, Agility, Hearding, ect) as well as a basic obedience trial to help ensure the soundness of the dogs mentally and physically, and to work with the best fit standards thing. 
I'm really glad that my local area has its own baby club, they are open minded, many are super friendly and the copitition itself is no where near as cut throat (no one messes with eachothers dogs) Its a better atmosphere, there are agility, obedience, herding, free style, K9 unit demos, and several other events as well as conformation. Theres a wider variety in the dogs, there are big clusters of hard to find breed as well as the classics. Its a smaller club of course, but we have people from all over the nation coming in, and even the occassional international competator. 
End Rant!


posted on 6.28.2017 by tanzahpal

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